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O'Reilly� JavaScript Cookbook
Why reinvent the wheel every time you run into a problem with JavaScript? This cookbook is chock-full of code recipes that address common programming tasks, as well as techniques for building web apps that work in any browser. Just copy and paste the code samples into your project - you�ll get the job done faster and learn more about JavaScript in the process.

You'll also learn how to take advantage of the latest features in ECMAScript 5 and HTML5, including the new cross-domain widget communication technique, HTML5's video and audio elements, and the drawing canvas. You'll find recipes for using these features with JavaScript to build high-quality application interfaces.
O'Reilly� The The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs
Many features inspired by popular JavaScript libraries are now available as native JavaScript APIs in today�s powerful browsers. While that may seem convenient given all of the JavaScript you need to write, relying on these APIs will only make code maintenance more difficult in the long run.
Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture With Node, HTML5, and Modern JS Libraries
Take your existing JavaScript skills to the next level and learn how to build complete web scale or enterprise applications that are easy to extend and maintain. By applying the design patterns outlined in this book, you�ll learn how to write flexible and resilient code that�s easier � not harder � to work with as your code base grows.
O'Reilly� A Manager�s Guide
ECMAScript 6 is the most significant change to JavaScript since its initial release in 1995. This book educates JavaScript developers, from novice to expert, about the impact that ECMAScript 6 has had on the language, and demonstrates the powerful new constructs that are accessible in the ECMAScript 6 API.

TypeScript Succinctly: The .NET approach to JavaScript
The extensive adoption of JavaScript for application development, and the ability to use HTML and JavaScript to create Windows Store apps, led Microsoft to develop TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. Though the messiness of JavaScript causes many .NET developers to avoid the language, Microsoft's additions extend many familiar features of .NET programming to JavaScript.

JavaScript and HTML5 Now: A New Paradigm for the Open Web
This insightful overview provides striking examples of how JavaScript and HTML5 have teamed up to give the Web a truly open platform. Author Kyle Simpson (HTML5 Cookbook) shows you how JavaScript unlocks the power of all of the new functionality in HTML5, giving web applications the capabilities developers have wanted for years. These technologies now provide the raw tools you need in the presentation layer to replace everything you used to do with Flash.
Backbone Tutorials
This book aims to get developers up to speed with single page web application development using Backbone.js as a foundation.

Testing with CoffeeScript
CoffeeScript is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in web development. With CoffeeScript you can write sexier, more consistent and sturdier code. It also brings with it heavier focus on unit testing; a brilliant way of ensuring your code is well designed and behaves exactly as it should do. CoffeeScript�s sleek syntax and succinct style lets you write tests in a faster, more efficient and more elegant way than ever before.

Smooth CoffeeScript
Smooth CoffeeScript is a book about CoffeeScript and programming. Start with programming fundamentals, learn about functional programming with Underscore and problem solving, study object orientation and modularity. It covers client/server web apps with Canvas and WebSockets.

O'Reilly� Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
With Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, you�ll learn how to write beautiful, structured, and maintainable JavaScript by applying classical and modern design patterns to the language. If you want to keep your code efficient, more manageable, and up-to-date with the latest best practices, this book is for you.

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