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Reasonable Basic Algebra for Students Entering College
The prospect facing students still in need of Basic Algebra as they enter two-year colleges is a discouraging one inasmuch as it usually takes at the very least two semesters before they can arrive at the course(s) that they are interested in´┐Żor required to take, not to dwell on the fact that their chances of overall success tend to be extremely low.

Reasonable Basic Algebra (RBA) is a standalone version of part of From Arithmetic To Differential Calculus (A2DC), a course of study developed to allow a significantly higher percentage of students to complete Differential Calculus in three semesters. As it is intended for a one-semester course, though, RBA may serve in a similar manner students with different goals.
Solvability of Nonlinear Singular Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations
The topic of singular boundary value problems has been of substantial and rapidly growing interest for many scientists and engineers. This book is devoted to singular boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations. It presents existence theory for a variety of problems having unbounded nonlinearities in regions where their solutions are searched for. The importance of thorough investigation of analytical solvability is emphasized by the fact that numerical simulations of solutions to such problems usually break down near singular points. The book provides both general existence principles and effective existence criteria which give a theoretical framework for investigation of variety singular boundary value problems, such as Dirichlet, periodic, mixed, focal, conjugate, Sturm-Liouville, Lidstone, or nonlocal problems.
Master Math: Solving Word Problems
Get ready to master the unknown number! Master Math: Solving Word Problems is a comprehensive reference guide that explains and clarifies the difficulties people often face with word problems, in a simple, easy-to-follow style and format.

Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis
The basic premise of this book is that it can serve as the basis for a wide range of courses that discuss numerical methods used in data analysis and science. It is meant to support a series of lectures, not replace them. To reflect this, the subject matter is wide ranging and perhaps too broad for a single course.

Mathematical Analysis II
This final text in the Zakon Series on Mathematics Analysis follows the release of the author's Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis I and completes the material on Real Analysis that is the foundation for later courses in functional analysis, harmonic analysis, probability theory, etc.

Mathematical Olympiad in China: Problems and Solutions
The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a competition for high school students. China has taken part in IMO twenty times since 1985 and has won the top ranking for countries thirteen times, with a multitude of golds for individual students. The 6 students China sent every year were selected from 20 to 30 students among approximately 130 students who take part in the China Mathematical Competition during the winter months.

How to Help Your Child Excel in Math: An A-Z Survival Guide
The book is an alphabetical dictionary and handbook that gives parents of elementary, middle school, and high school students what they need to know to help their children understand the math they're learning. The book can also be used by students themselves and is suitable for anybody who is reviewing math to take standardized tests or other exams. Foreign students, whose English-language mathematics vocabulary needs to be strengthened, will also benefit from this book.
Introduction to Real Analysis by William F. Trench
Using an extremely clear and informal approach, this book introduces readers to a rigorous understanding of mathematical analysis and presents challenging math concepts as clearly as possible. The real number system. Differential calculus of functions of one variable. Riemann integral functions of one variable. Integral calculus of real-valued functions. Metric Spaces. For those who want to gain an understanding of mathematical analysis and challenging mathematical concepts.

Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers
This book provides an introduction to the mathematics needed to model, analyze, and design feedback systems. It is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate students, and is indispensable for researchers seeking a self-contained reference on control theory. Unlike most books on the subject, Feedback Systems develops transfer functions through the exponential response of a system, and is accessible across a range of disciplines that utilize feedback in physical, biological, information, and economic systems.

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