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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
The practice of enterprise application development has benefited from the emergence of many new enabling technologies. Multi-tiered object-oriented platforms, such as Java and .NET, have become commonplace. These new tools and technologies are capable of building powerful applications, but they are not easily implemented. Common failures in enterprise applications often occur because their developers do not understand the architectural lessons that experienced object developers have learned.
Your Scrum Checklist: Scrum Hard Facts
Scrum is a framework with simple rules. Scrum Checklists will help you to remember these simple rules in the heat of daily work and stress. Scrum Checklists enable you to create an enjoyable and productive work environment with your Scrum-Team.
Software Architecture
Software architecture is the discipline concerned with model-based description and analysis of software systems with a view to satisfying the (often contradictory) concerns of stakeholders. The software architecture of a system is a high-level description of its components and their interactions.

Scrum Checklists
The book is not intended to teach the details of Scrum, and no book will replace intelligent team self-organization. Instead, this book was created to give trained teams confidence in accomplishing their first Sprints.
Software Engineering
This book reviews important technologies for software development with a particular focus on Web applications. In reviewing these technologies the author puts emphasis on underlying principles and basic concepts, rather than meticulousness and completeness.

Essential JavaScript and JQuery Design Patterns
This book will take a look at a number of popular JavaScript and JQuery design patterns and explore why certain patterns may be more suitable for your projects than others. Remember that patterns can be applied not just to vanilla JavaScript, but also to abstracted libraries such as jQuery or Dojo as well. Before we begin, let�s look at the exact definition of a �pattern� in software design.
Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications provides an end-to-end approach for implementing performance testing. Whether you are new to performance testing or looking for ways to improve your current performance-testing approach, you will gain insights that you can tailor to your specific scenarios.
The Definitive Guide to Building Code Quality
The Definitive Guide to Building Code Quality presents a comprehensive review of modern techniques used to transform raw source code into finished product. In addition to exploring current tools and methods, the guide reviews common techniques and best practices for debugging, testing, and preparing code for commercial release. Throughout, the emphasis is on completeness of coverage in test cases, complete exercise and optimization of code, and use of appropriate procedures and workflows to ensure that changes to code bases are properly recognized, tested, and integrated.

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design
Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design is an intermediate-level book about interface and interaction design, structured as a pattern language. It features real-live examples from desktop applications, web sites, web applications, mobile devices, and everything in between. This site contains excerpts from some of the book's patterns. The book has more, of course -- more introductory material, more patterns, and more examples.

Software Design Using C++
This online book provides the material needed for three complete computer science courses: CS 1, CS 2, and a data structures course, all using C++ as the programming language. At the start of these web pages, simple examples are used that illustrate the feature under discussion. Later, longer and more complex projects are used. The latest additions to the text include the three sections on Windows Forms Applications.

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