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Book Catagory:Assembly
Title Assembly Language Succinctly
Author(s) Chris Rose
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc. (2013)
Language: English
Book Description

Assembly language is as close to writing machine code as you can get without writing in pure hexadecimal. Since it is such a low-level language, it�s not practical in all cases, but should definitely be considered when you�re looking to maximize performance.

With Assembly Language Succinctly by Chris Rose, you�ll learn how to write x64 assembly for modern CPUs, first by writing inline assembly for 32-bit applications, and then writing native assembly for C++ projects. You�ll learn the basics of memory spaces, data segments, CISC instructions, SIMD instructions, and much more.

Whether you�re working with Intel, AMD, or VIA CPUs, you�ll find this book a valuable starting point since many of the instructions are shared between processors.
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Assembly Language Succinctly

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