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Book Catagory:S Q L
Title Complete Showplan Operators
Author(s) Fabiano Amorim
Publisher: (October 10, 2011)
Language: English
Book Description

Writing good TSQL code is not an easy task. Then you submit the code to the query optimizer and strange things happen. The one good view you have into what the optimizer decided to do is provided by the execution plans. Understanding execution plans is a lot of work. Trust me on that. What you need to really understand your queries is as much knowledge as you can get. That's where this excellent collection of articles on some of the more common execution plan operators comes in.

The author has taken the time to reallv drill into the behavior of a small set of execution plan operators in an effort to explain the optimizer's behavior. He's explored why things happen, how you can change them, positively or negatively, and he's done it all in an approachable style. You want information and knowledge in order to achieve understanding.
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Complete Showplan Operators

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