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Book Catagory:Haskell
Title Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod
Author(s) Michael Snoyman
Publisher: O'Reilly Media (May 2, 2012)
Paperback 298 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449316972
ISBN-13: 978-1449316976
Book Description

This fast-moving guide introduces web application development with Haskell and Yesod, a potent language/framework combination that supports high-performing applications that are modular, type-safe, and concise. You�ll work with several samples to explore the way Yesod handles widgets, forms, persistence, and RESTful content. You also get an introduction to various Haskell tools to supplement your basic knowledge of the language.

By the time you finish this book, you'll create a production-quality web application with Yesod�s ready-to-use scaffolding. You'll also examine several real-world examples, including a blog, a wiki, a JSON web service, and a Sphinx search server.
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Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod

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