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Book Catagory:Free OSS
Title Getting Started with Open Source Development
Author(s) Rachna Kapur, Mario Briggs, Tapas Saha, Ulisses Costa, Pedro Carvalho, Raul F. Chong, Peter Kohlmann
Publisher: IBM Corporation (July 2010)
Paperback N/A
eBook PDF (136 pages, 3.3 MB)
Language: English
Book Description

Open source software development is a community-driven methodology to develop products, from the design and development stages to distribution. Developers across differents part of the world are passionate about their collaboration, and several successful projects including Firefox, Moodle, and Drupal are widely used today. Moreover, many companies are using open source software as the foundation to build their business models.

This book gets you started into the fascinating world of open source software development. Using the exercises and case studies provided, you will get good hands-on experience to contribute to and start open source projects.

Getting started with Open Source development couldn't be easier. Read this free ebook to:

Find out what DB2 Express-C is all about
Find out what open source development is all about
Understand how to work with open source communities
Learn about open source business models and trends
Start and contribute to open source projects
Practice using hands-on exercises
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Getting Started with Open Source Development

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