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Title GPU Gems 2: Programming Techniques for High-Performance Graphics and General-Purpose Computation
Author(s) Matt Pharr, Randima Fernando
Publisher: Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (March 13, 2005)
Hardcover 880 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0321335597
Book Description

The GPU Gems series features a collection of the most essential algorithms required by Next-Generation 3D Engines.

This sequel to the best-selling, first volume of GPU Gems details the latest programming techniques for today�s graphics processing units (GPUs). As GPUs find their way into mobile phones, handheld gaming devices, and consoles, GPU expertise is even more critical in today�s competitive environment. Real-time graphics programmers will discover the latest algorithms for creating advanced visual effects, strategies for managing complex scenes, and advanced image processing techniques. Readers will also learn new methods for using the substantial processing power of the GPU in other computationally intensive applications, such as scientific computing and finance. Twenty of the book�s forty-eight chapters are devoted to GPGPU programming, from basic concepts to advanced techniques. Written by experts in cutting-edge GPU programming, this book offers readers practical means to harness the enormous capabilities of GPUs.

Major topics covered include:

Geometric Complexity
Shading, Lighting, and Shadows
High-Quality Rendering
General-Purpose Computation on GPUs: A Primer
Image-Oriented Computing
Simulation and Numerical Algorithms
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GPU Gems 2: Programming Techniques for High-Performance Graphics Computation

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