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Book Catagory:Perl
Title Learning PERL the Hard Way: Perl Programming for Beginners
Authors Allen B. Downey
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 20, 2009)
Paperback: 72 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1441419039
ISBN-13: 978-1441419033
Book Description

Do we really need another Perl book? Obviously yes: This is a book for people who already know how to program in another language, but don't know Perl. A book that gets through the basics as quickly as possible. How to do the fun stuff. A book that emphasizes good programming style in Perl. Many of the Perl programs are written in a quick-and-dirty style; I wanted to see if the style I have developed in other languages can translate.

In many Perl books, object-oriented programming is treated as an optional feature for advanced programming. I wanted to bring it closer to the center of focus (although I am anything but an object-oriented bigot). In presenting Perl features, I tried to find examples that are interesting in their own right, and that encourage the reader to explore Perl's features.
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Learning PERL the Hard Way: Perl Programming for Beginners

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