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Book Catagory:HTML and HTML5
Title Web Audio API
Author(s) Boris Smus
Publisher: O'Reilly Media (March 21, 2013)
Paperback: 76 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10/ASIN: 1449332684
ISBN-13: 978-1449332686
Book Description

Go beyond HTML5�s Audio tag and boost the audio capabilities of your web application with the Web Audio API. Packed with lots of code examples, crisp descriptions, and useful illustrations, this concise guide shows you how to use this JavaScript API to make the sounds and music of your games and interactive applications come alive.

You need little or no digital audio expertise to get started. Author Boris Smus introduces you to digital audio concepts, then shows you how the Web Audio API solves specific application audio problems. You�ll not only learn how to synthesize and process digital audio, you�ll also explore audio analysis and visualization with this API.
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O'Reilly� Web Audio API

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