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Book Catagory:Assembly
Title Programmed Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language
Author(s) Bradley Kjell
Publisher: Central Connecticut State University (August, 2007)
Language: English
Book Description

This updated textbook introduces readers to assembly and its evolving role in computer programming and design. The author concentrates the revised edition on protected-mode Pentium programming, MIPS assembly language programming, and use of the NASM and SPIM assemblers for a Linux orientation. The focus is on providing students with a firm grasp of the main features of assembly programming, and how it can be used to improve a computer's performance. All of the main features are covered in depth, and the book is equally viable for DOS or Linux, MIPS (RISC) or CISC (Pentium). The book is based on a successful course given by the author and includes numerous hands-on exercises.
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Programmed Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language

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