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Book Catagory:TeX and LaTeX
Title TeX by Topic: A Texnician's Reference
Author(s) Victor Eijkhout
Publisher: Addison-Wesley (February 1992); (July 11, 2008); eBook (2011)
Paperback307 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0201568829
ISBN-13: 978-0201568820
Book Description

TEX, a software system created by Donald E. Knuth, sets the standard for typesetting in mathematics, science, and engineering.

This is a reference work for the TeX typesetting language. It is valuable for people who want to write LaTeX macros and other customizations of TeX.

For all TeX users who want to learn to program complicated macros themselves, TeX By Topic is an invaluable resource. The book is packed with highly original, practical, and useful ideas along with detailed explanations of the mechanisms underlying each TeX macro. Includes a thorough cross reference system.
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TeX by Topic: A Texnician's Reference

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