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Title DThinking Web: Voices of the Community
Author(s) John Borda, Ursula Comeau, Sherry Curry, Alex Dawson, Coyote Holmberg, Ralph Mason, Paul O�Brien, Christian Snodgrass, Robert Wellock, Clive Wickham and Nuria Zuazo.
Publisher: SitePoint Pty. Ltd. (2012)
Language: English
Book Description

This is a collaborative book by the SitePoint Community. In this book, 11 members from SitePoint Forums share their knowledge on topics related to web design and development.

In every SitePoint book�s preface, we have a section called �The SitePoint Forums.� It describes the forums as a place where you can ask questions on anything related to web design, development, hosting, and online marketing. It goes on to describe how the forums work: �some people ask, some people answer, and most people do a bit of both.� I love that line. But what resonates the most for me is the part that says �sharing your knowledge benefits others and strengthens the community.� Obviously, I have a greater investment in the strength of our community than most, but what I like about this description is that it makes it about everyone; combined strength.
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Thinking Web: Voices of the Community

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